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Dongkyung Steel Wire supplies and distributes general and special wire rods used as important materials in various industries such as automobile parts, construction, construction, shipbuilding, and home appliances.
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Main Products

Sustained A Solid Reputation For Quality Wire Production

Cold Heading Quality Wire

Strict levels of quality are required for the internal(skin tissue, internal defects) and external(dimensions and surface conditions) of the material.

Steel Type Stainless Wire

It has a fine surface, excellent corrosion resistance, and low heat treatment hardenability, so it can be used in various harsh environments.

Low Carbon Steel Wire

It is a product made by cold working mild steel wire and is used as an important material in various fields.

Cold Drawn Bar

CD Bar (Material Bar) is a widely used cold-rolled steel bar because of its superior surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, straightness and roundness compared to HR Bar.

Hard Drawn Steel Wire

As a high carbon steel product, fine pearlite structure control is required to maintain high strength and secure wire drawing properties.

Piano Wire

It is mainly used for high-strength bead wire, PC steel wire, and bridge cable. It is a high-carbon clean steel with excellent wire drawability, high strength, and fatigue resistance.