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The use of a lock wire to secure the nut after tightening the bolt is known as safety wire locking. A stainless steel wire threaded through a hole in the nut provides a lock wire load to the nut, while the other ends tighten to the body. As a result, the nut will not come loose on its own.

Safety wire locking is the most positive and satisfactory method of safetying cap screws, studs, nuts, bolt heads, and turnbuckle barrels, which cannot be safely tied by any other practical means. It is a method of connecting two or more units in such a way that any tendency of one to loosen is offset by tightening the wire.

safety wire locking

Safety wire is a wire used to prevent bolts, screws, nuts, and other types of fasteners from loosening. 

There are two methods of safety wiring –

  1. Double wire method
  2. Single wire method

The double wire method that is most commonly used.

Single wire method used on screws, bolts, and/or nuts in a closely-spaced or closed-geometrical pattern such as a triangle, square, rectangle, or circle. The single wire method may also be used on parts in electrical systems and in places that are difficult to reach.


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