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Home Appliances

Stainless steel is now the most commonly used material of choice for household appliances and utensils due to its “food compatibility” and more generally to its resistance to various types of corrosion. Leaving aside the important segment of interior decoration, stainless steel wire finds its place in a very wide array of household applications, either in straightened cut lengths, formed or shaped parts or as wire mesh. The domestic usage will be classified as follows:

Kitchen & cookware utensils:

There are many kitchen utensils which use stainless steel  wire at the various stages of home food preparation and cooking . Noteworthy: 

  • Wire whips, wire mixers, wire mashers made of formed, assembled wires
  • Strainers , large and small, combining wire mesh and single wire handles
  • Butter, cheese, cake slicers/cutters

Cooking & storage:

In this broadly defined  category , most applications involve single wire or coarse weaves.

  • Frying baskets either made of  formed and electropolished wire or  wire mesh
  • Anti-splatter covers for frying pans made of tight wire mesh
  • Oven and barbecue grids  and related woven meshs
  • Storage, refrigerator  or strainer racks, sometimes with mesh wire

Electrical appliances:

Stainless steel wires are present in every  modern electrical appliances in a wide variety of applications.

Just to mention a few well known or sometimes overlooked  uses :

  • Welding wire of stainless formed sheets in dishwashers, washing machines, dryers
  • Wire mesh filters in dishwashers
  • Spring wire in “on/off” switches, closing clamps in  drum washing machines, etc.


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